Hi there!

I’m Hakim Midhat, a freelance UI / UX Designer, who loves to create powerful and easy to use digital products.

What I do

User Experience Design

I deliver thoughtful and structured design based on targeted research findings, followed by a clear debrief to development teams.

Digital Strategy

I love to construct solutions in order to help businesses achieve their objectives and make decisions easier, by bringing the customers perspective to the strategy table.

User Interface Design

I create powerful interfaces to communicate the right message via a user friendly design.

User Centered Design

I construct optimal user-friendly flows and devise straightforward solutions for complex problems.

Concepting & Ideation

I find and connect the dots to produce innovative concepts for any project, working towards a solution that fits the goals of your business and fulfil the needs of your customers.

User Research & Validation

Without research there is no certainty in adding value for your customers. I conduct research and provide validation so we know which assumptions are true and which solutions work.

What people say

Robin de Jong Product Owner (Essent)

“Hakim is structural and very social. He often challenges the ‘question behind the question: the why’, which is very pleasant for me as a PO to work with.”

Mireille Jansen Product Owner (Energiedirect.nl)

“With much pleasure I’ve worked with Hakim. Hakim is a driven go-getter full of new ideas that he likes to share with you. Continuously optimising and placing the customer as number one, that’s what you see when you look at his work. Next to this, Hakim is a real team player, a fine colleague and he contributes to a pleasant atmosphere. Am I in search of a new interim UX/UI Designer again? I would hire him on the spot.”

Patrick Leijte UX Researcher (Less or More)

“Hakim is an expert in UX. His skills range from doing user research, till UX and UI. Because of this broad knowledge spectrum Hakim is able to design the best possible solutions for the end-user. Moreover, Hakim thinks on a strategic level, which is important to discuss design decisions with the business. This makes Hakim a powerful designer. ”

Romy van Kuijk Scientific research assistant (GGzE)

“Hakim was definitely an enrichment for our project! During an iterative development process, Hakim consistently translated the wishes and needs of young people into a powerful design. He can connect well with the language of the young people. Joking here and there and seriously when it is necessary. His involvement and enthusiasm make it very nice to work with Hakim.”

Jochem van Kapel Co-founder (Less or More)

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Hakim. Both on professional and personal level. Hakim has a good and balanced work ethic and is skilled in both User Experience and User Interface design, a powerful combination. Next to this, he brings enthusiasm, genuine interest in others and a serious dose of humor. His skills and personality are definitely a boost for any team!”

Roeland Rohof Marketing Manager (MoveMove)

“I experienced Hakim as a UX designer who can make complex structures very easy for end users. He is a real go-getter who goes for the maximum result. Very nice to work with!”

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