My name is Hakim Midhat, a freelance User Experience and User Interface Designer from Eindhoven.

With more than 5 years of experience as a designer, I am widely deployable to help you build a digital solution.

I get energy from diverse goals and challenges to come up with innovative solutions. I understand the problems you face with products that should provide a solution for your staff and / or customers and will work to build a product together that is easy to use for multiple people.

I like to come up with concepts and know-how to find a balance in what can be engaged immediately and what needs to be progressed in order to guarantee the right image.

Too technical? That does not exist. With my knowledge about front-end development, I fit in with every development team. I prefer to work with a driven, multi-disciplined team with varied perspectives in order to respond to demand.

Thanks to my expertise in online marketing, in which I have managed to set up many landing pages, webshops, and conversion optimization processes, I can map out the entire customer journey from multiple angles.

Do you have a challenging project for me, just like Essent, Energiedirect.nl, and MultiTankcard?

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