What I do

User Experience Design

I deliver thoughtful and structured design based on targeted research findings, followed by a clear debrief to development teams.

Digital Strategy

I love to construct solutions in order to help businesses achieve their objectives and make decisions easier, by bringing the customers perspective to the strategy table.

User Interface Design

I create powerful interfaces to communicate the right message via a user friendly design.

User Centered Design

I construct optimal user-friendly flows and devise straightforward solutions for complex problems.

Concepting & Ideation

I find and connect the dots to produce innovative concepts for any project, working towards a solution that fits the goals of your business and fulfil the needs of your customers.

User Research & Validation

Without research there is no certainty in adding value for your customers. I conduct research and provide validation so we know which assumptions are true and which solutions work.

Tools I use frequently




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Logic Pro X

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