Co-creation for the INKT application

This project involved: Interviews Co-creation User Interface Design Prototyping User research iOS & Android Concepting

Less or More developed a solution for the Mental Health Care Eindhoven (GGzE) through which young people can gain more insight into the treatment they follow at GGzE. By logging in to a personal environment, the young people can see, in an appropriate way, the extent they are progressing in different categories. A distinction can be made between the scores of parents, teachers, care counselors and the information they have entered themselves.

Sharing thoughts with co-creations

At the GGzE, myself and a colleague, together with seven designated young people, created an interactive tool that supports them during their treatment. We achieved this through various co-creation sessions to determine what truly works for them. I was responsible for setting up various brainstorming and feedback sessions to test which visual and textual approaches worked best for displaying positive or negative scores.

I have tested several concepts to achieve a suitable interactive application. With these concepts I focused on the way of navigation, reporting and creating a matching corporate identity. Through various research methods it became clear how young people coped with the results and progression of the treatment they followed.

During the project I have been the link between the young people, the client, the researchers and the developers.

From sketches to a working application

I’m happy to have worked on a project that helps these young people with more insights in their treatment. GGzE launched the INKT application a little while ago and there has been a lot of positive reactions.

What the client says

Romy van Kuijk Scientific research assistant (GGzE)

“Hakim was definitely an enrichment for our project! During an iterative development process, Hakim consistently translated the wishes and needs of young people into a powerful design. He can connect well with the language of the young people. Joking here and there and seriously when it is necessary. His involvement and enthusiasm make it very nice to work with Hakim.”

Current project:

Co-creation for the INKT application

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