Easy mobility app for drivers

This project involved: Online survey User Interface Design Prototyping User research iOS & Android

MoveMove offers an all in one solution for the mobility market, focusing on the self-employed and small and medium-sized enterprises. This solution can be translated into multiple products including a MoveMove mobility app, which helps people with activities linked to having a company vehicle. Less or More was asked to help make their products more user-friendly, validate new features and optimise the corporate identity of the app.

The challenge

Not all the features were working smoothly for every customer in the original MoveMove app. The onboarding flow on the website did not match the login experience in the app and customers didn’t understand how to make use of it.

Better login experience

To achieve a successful solution, I analysed how we can connect the new login experience in the app based on the onboarding flow at the website. We facilitated a workshop to identify flaws and find out what data MoveMove needs to be of service to them.

I designed a new login flow to which different scenarios could be applied. We tested these scenarios by means of a click-through prototype and an online survey. We achieved a direct success percentage of 87% and an indirect success percentage of 13% with our first prototype.

Restructuring and adding features

After validating the new log-in, I set up a customer flow and realized several concepts including these new features. We have also been able to validate these concepts including different business assumptions with different customers.

Redesign MoveMove app

After completing a new log-in flow and redesigning the app, I revised the user interface so that it is consistent with the website.

What the client says

Roeland Rohof Marketing Manager (MoveMove)

“I experienced Hakim as a UX designer who can make complex structures very easy for end users. He is a real go-getter who goes for the maximum result. Very nice to work with!”

Current project:

Easy mobility app for drivers

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