Onboarding & MaaS platform

This project involved: Strategy Mobility Stakeholder management Prototyping User research Workshops Concepting

MultiTankcard offers an all in one solution for the mobility market, focusing on corporate lease enterprises. With more than 450,000 clients, Less or More was engaged to realise a flexible total solution for the rapidly shifting mobility market.

The challenge

Many functionalities offered by the platform turned out not to be used, making it cluttered and difficult to operate. In addition to the MultiTankcard platform, customers also used other platforms with similar functions to facilitate their fleet management. 

Getting to know the customer

By means of a lean working method, we tested the assumptions from the business iteratively. It became clear how different customers handle the products of MultiTankcard while working with their own organisation tasks. 

Combining design with making business strategy choices

After each sprint, a workshop was set up to discuss the portfolio and map business assumptions. After prioritisation, we transformed these assumptions into interviews, surveys and interactive sketches in order to find out how customers dealt with this per sprint.

Flexible onboarding flow

During the process, I bundled the various customer journeys we had mapped out into a scalable and flexible onboarding flow for SMEs and corporate leases. I was also able to create the first concept in which our research is incorporated and ready to be validated.

New concept MaaS platform

After validating the onboarding flow, I came up with concepts for the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platform. While having multiple workshops and focussing on our client feedback, I created the first MaaS concept that was ready for new validation rounds.

Current project:

Onboarding & MaaS platform

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